Our Services

Total Solution Management

DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd provides our customers with industry leading skills and knowledge, providing a solution for business development and improvement. From identifying business problems with services or processes to implementation of best fit solutions. We will manage the outcomes and improvements to your business, guiding you through each stage of development, helping you to maximize the returns on investment. We're not tied to any manufacturer therefore free to choose best products and systems for each project. Clients benefit from our impartial advice and wide experience working with a range of leading European suppliers / manufacturers at industrial sites througout the UK.

Mechanical Engineering

Design (AutoCAD)

DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd provide a

fully integrated approach to developing and

manufacturing processes / components

from initial design through to completion.

Project Management

The management of specific short to

medium term engineering projects. This

can include scheduling and financial plans,

monitoring of projects from concept

through to completion. We also understand

that every project is unique and have the

flexibility to work to your goals and


Feasability Study /

Market & Product Research

DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd conduct

comprehensive feasibility studies within the

process & manufacturing industries, this shall

look at the customer and competitor analyses

in order to determine market opportunities as

well as providing the correct information for

future capital investment..

Site inspection / Survey /

Fault Analysis

DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd are able to

provides a fully integrated approach to

carrying out a wide range of as-built

inspections / surveys for record drawings, e.g.

equipment rooms, process plants etc. This can

be an essential first step before we investigate

faults in complex processing plants.

Mechanical installations /

Repairs & Servicing

We provide a mechanical installation service

to meet the ever changing demands set by

regulatory bodies and our clients; we also can

provide a full turnkey service to meet specific

project needs. We offer a diverse mechanical

repair and rebuild service to the all Industries,

with a fully flexible approach we offer

engineering solutions, site based or within

our workshop facility.

Maintenance inspections /

PPM system

DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd provide a

professional maintenance facility, while

improving plant availability, reliability and

cost reduction. Our proposals will scrutinize

current work practices, historic failures and

develop corrective actions to establish the

optimum cost effective maintenance


Design & Build

DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd provide a full

spectrum of design-build equipment e.g.

Compressed air plants, Hydraulic power

packs etc. With a fully flexible approach we

offer engineering solutions, site based or

within our workshop facility.

Data Aquisition Systems

The custom-made Data Aquisistion Sytem

developed by DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd

enables data from a variety of industrial

process to be combined with specification data

supplied by the customer to accurately label

and classify production batches. When applied

to a sawmill, mini-bundles of product are

labelled for shipment direct from the

production line to the end-user site.

Industrial Process Control

All the industry sectors we serve are heavy

users of industrial control systems and

PLCs. DIGNAN Technical Services Ltd can

bring to your business a wide range of

expertise working with equipment from all

the leading suppliers. We are able to design

and deliver custom solutions.

DIGNAN Tech Services Ltd (SC392538) Head Office: Roy Bridge | Highland | PH31 4AW | Tel: 01397 713838