Case Studies

Industrial Processing

Bio-Mass Heat & Power

James Jones & Sons Ltd required an innovative

solution to provide a more sustainable source

of heat to power additional kiln-drying facilities

at their sawmill near Lockerbie in Scotland.

The site is close to a bio-mass power station

and an agreement was reached to obtain a

large supply low-grade energy in the form of

hot water piped from the condensers at the

power station.

A new building was required at the site to

house the incoming pipes, heat-exchangers,

backup boiler, pumps and electronic control-


Dignan Technical Services Ltd were engaged to

design and build the entire power-house,

control system and associated kiln-drying


Boosting Environmental


Dignan Technical Services Ltd played an

important part in the design and build of a

tree bark-processing facility for James Jones

& Sons Ltd on a brownfield site close to

their Lockerbie Sawmill in Scotland.

The new plant handles bark from all the

company's sawmills and produces a

valuable and environmentally friendly

product for resale to growers and


Machinery and equipment was sourced

from a wide range of suppliers and

integrated into a single process by specially

fabricated conveyors and an advanced

custom made process control system.

The plant is highly automated and designed

to be operated by a minimum number of


Added Value Sawn Treated

Timber Processing

James Jones & Sons Ltd needed to fit an

additional incisor process into an established

saw-line producing sawn square fence posts.

Space to accommodate new machinery was

limited and production down-time needed to

be minimised on the existing saw-line.

Dignan Technical Services Ltd were able to

identify and source the new machinery for the

extra process and to design and fabricate

changes to the exiting conveyor systems to

direct the material into and out from the new

process. Dignan Technical Services Ltd also

designed and installed all the necessary control

and safety systems and fabricated all access-

ways and machinery guards and screens.

Process Heating Efficiency &

Performance Improvements

Our client in Abedeenshire was suffering high

energy costs and poor performance from a

large boiler and kiln-drying installation

Dignan Technical Services Ltd were able to

design and build a new heat distribution

system and new control systems to ensure that

heat is delivered to the exact place it is needed.

Efficiency and productivity of the plant have

been improved significantly without consuming

more energy.

Boosting Production &


Perthshire Timber Co approached Dignan

Technical Services Ltd to provide a new in-feed

system to their sawmill and to replace /

upgrade a range of equipment and control gear

to improve speed and efficiency of their sawmill


An older saw was replaced with a state-of-the-

art Primultini Bandsaw and carriage plus

associated infeed machinery designed and

fabricated / sourced by Dignan Technical

Services Ltd.

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