About Dignan Technical Services Ltd

We offer a one-stop solution for process industries

requiring to outsource project design and management.

Our expertise has been gained over more than 30 years across a spectrum of different

industries and with a wide range of specialist equipment and machinery suppliers.

These qualities put Dignan Technical Services Ltd in a unique position to rapidly identify

the best solution for any situation and to offer all necessary expertise and manpower

to design, manage and implement an entire project. This approach allows our clients to

be sure that work will begin as soon as required with no need to re-train existing staff

or hire additional temporary staff for the duration of a project.

Projects designed and managed by Dignan Technical Services Ltd have quality, safety

and energy efficiency built-in. We are not tied to any manufacturer therefore free to

choose best products and systems for each project. Clients benefit from our impartial

advice and wide experience working with a range of leading European suppliers /


Dignan Technical Services Ltd have gained a top-class reputation with several major

industrial clients who turn to us regularly to realise their ambitions for growth,

modernisation and improved energy efficiency and safety. We are confident that we

will meet the needs of further clients as we continue to expand our workforce and add

newly completed projects to our case-study portfolio.

Dignan Technical Services Ltd is a Member of the following professional organisations

Institution of Engineering & Technology

Guild of Master Craftsmen

Federation of Small Businesses

Timber Research and Development Association

David Dignan
Davie Dignan has over 30 years of mechanical engineering and project management experience. His career began at BSW Timber in his home town of Fort William where he built an excellent reputation for getting things done. In 2008 Davie founded “Dignan Tech Services” which has quickly grown, becoming a limited company in 2011 and now employing ten staff and numerous contractors. Davie’s free-time passion is trials motorcycling (see below)

The Dignan Family And Scottish SIx Days Trial (SSDT)

Davie Dignan is a key figure in the planning and running of the world-famous Scottish Six Days Trial which takes place around Fort William in

the Scottish Highlands every year in May. The Dignan family have been heavily involved in the SSDT since 1977

We Are Proud Sponsors of Two Riders in the FIM Trial World Championship

Dignan Technical Services Ltd are committed to engineering excellence and skills development and are dedicated to supporting Jack Price

and Ben Dignan - two very successful riders of GASGAS machines in the FIM Trial World Championship

Jack Price 34 FIM TrialGP World Championship 2019 Ben Dignan 326 FIM Trial 125 World Championship 2019

Jack Price

Ben Dignan

DIGNAN Tech Services Ltd (SC392538) Head Office: Roy Bridge | Highland | PH31 4AW | Tel: 01397 713838